Insurance & Liability

Insurance & Liability


Insurance is of great importance in modern society. An insurance contract provides a ‘safety net’ in situations where you are confronted with a major financial loss due to an unexpected event.

The insurance company refuses to pay the claim

What could you do and what should you do when you are facing a refusal of your insurance company to cover the loss incurred? What if you or your company is facing (financial) difficulties because the insurance company performs a lengthy investigation and refuses to take position regarding the coverage? The lawyers of our Insurance & Liability team assist both companies and individuals who are confronted with a major loss, which is not paid or not paid in full by the insurer without good reason. Also in case the insurance company doesn’t handle your claim as swift as they should we are happy to assist you.

Insurance policy disputes

We have a broad experience with all sorts of discussions with insurance companies about the coverage of insurance, also known as  ‘insurance policy disputes’.  Our lawyers handle insurance policy disputes with regard to most of the insurance contracts available on the Dutch insurance market. However they are particularly active in the field of property insurances, technical insurances (amongst which construction all risks insurances), agricultural insurances and liability insurances


In addition to insurance policy disputes our lawyers also assist clients with regard to a variety of liability cases. For example when the loss incurred is not fully covered by the insurance contract (for good reasons). In these cases we assist our clients in their claim against liable third parties in order to seek compensation. This may be a third party who is responsible for the initial loss or a third party who is to blame for the insufficient insurance coverage. In all cases we make sure that our clients obtain as much compensation for their loss as possible.

Of course the presence of a insurance contract  is not a prerequisite for our assistance. We also assist clients in cases regarding sole liability disputes where no insurance contract is involved. We are able to either represent the plaintiff or the defendant. Besides general liability disputes, such as contractual liability and wrongful acts, we specialize in professional liability, such as liability of insurance brokers and intermediaries, appraisers and lawyers.